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"I call it...the flesh-relocator."

January 14th, 2009 (11:42 pm)
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I think we must have passed through a time-space anomaly, as I'm sure it shouldn't only be Wednesday today.  I'm severely hoping this changes soon and the next few days go at double speed, though I'm not exactly expecting the universe to follow through with this aspiration.  As well as tired, which is normal state of affairs by now, I am also freezing cold.  The boiler packed up yesterday and the electric heaters are about as effective as burning money (and more expensive as well).  As it's decades old by now I'm not exactly rating the chances of it being fixed on Monday, which is when the engineer is coming.  Somewhat stupidly (or suspiciously) it was only serviced a week ago as well.  I'm combating this by breaking out the hot water bottles.  German ones, at that; demonstrating the fine art of putting rubber to good use.

I saw some of Viva Pinata at the weekend, and got increasingly distressed that the cute flapyaks kept getting killed.  I'm fairly certain that I would find it impossible to play that game due to my obsession about keeping everyone alive (I had so much fun with Final Fantasy Tactics, and I recall needing to replay the entire final battle of Final Fantasy V to stop my characters remaining deceased.
I played an extremely short and quite cute free game called Eversion yesterday, where you start as a cute little blob picking up gems and have to handle the fact that reality gets increasingly hinky as you progress through the game.  I think it's supposed to be scary, but bits of it are too annoying to keep any form of atmosphere.